Upgrade C/AL to AL


Export RDLC report  (with Command=ExportToNewSyntax). Run txt2al conversion tool.

Go to the \Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central\130\RoleTailored Client


Make an export of report(s) in the command line using the following syntax:


finsql.exe Command=ExportToNewSyntax, File=<filename.txt>, Database="<databasename>", ServerName=<servername> ,Filter=Type=table;ID=<tableID>

E.g. finsql.exe Command=ExportToNewSyntax, File=exportedBaselineObjects.txt, Database="Demo Database NAV (13-0)", ServerName=.\NAVDEMO ,Filter=Type=report;ID=50100

Run the tool from the command line using the following syntax:


txt2al --source --target --rename --type –extensionStartId

E.g. txt2al –-source=”D:\Projects\Demo\CAL” –-target=”D:\Projects\Demo\AL” –-rename


More information about conversion tool could be found using link below.


Use result files after tool conversion in your Visual Studio Code project (*.al , *.rdlc and *.xlf).


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