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Preparation steps:

To start NAV report transformation you should have a target NAV database with merged tables and codeunits. This NAV database should have the correct setup and run RTC to check reports.

The ART service requires information from this database to get information about fields and primary keys on tables.

Start Report transformation
Open Link in a web browser and log in with Login/Password.
Click ReportTransformation Service action (if specified action is not available click ACTIONS).

2. You will get to Report Transformation page.

3. Click Select Project and then click New or choose existing one fi any. Select target NAV version.

4. Get Field Structure.
4.1 Click Download XMLPort action and save locally Xmlport.txt (under Actions group).

4.2 Import Xmlport.txt file, compile and run XMLPort 97777 on Target NAV database.
4.3. Save result file fieldstructure.txt to local disk Fieldstructure data required to get informatio about custom field names, their types to generate appropriate RDLC data.

4.4. Click Import FieldStructure and select fieldstructure.txt file. This operation should be performed for every Project once.

5. Select report in Classic NAV database and export it in txt format. (e.g. Report_50000.txt)
6. Click Import Reports action.
7. Click Transform Reports action.
8. Go to Result  fasttab and follow the link under the File Name field to export last transformed reports.
9. All imported and transformed files could be dowloaded from User Statistics page (action under Navigate group).

10. Import downloaded result into target NAV database.

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