OUTPUT results

OUTPUT results:

«Source» classic layout of custom Aged Accounts Receivable report to transform:

«Target» rdlc layout of Aged Accounts Receivable after conversion:

Textboxes are placed onto rectangles to have the same printout as in classic.

Sections code migration and Showoutput parsing (transfterring to the rdlc if having «Migrate Showoutput» selected).

Appropriate groups were created (using dataitem’s primary keys and sorting, «Use Field Stucture» should be selected).

Expressions for textbox dynamically assignment and formatting (depending on the Section Type, variable type, Createtotals procedure, etc.).

Page Margins and Orientation migration to rdlc.

Page Header was created (when having «Use Static Header» selected).

Other target rdlc result of customized Sales Order (layout of the document type report after using Set\Get Data feature):

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