Navisionupgrade service is supported by SWP-Group company.

SWP-Group is a Microsoft Partner located in Ukraine and provide cost-effective professional services in MS Dynamics NAV all over the world.

Team of our professionals in Dynamics NAV has experience more than 10 years. Our main direction is producing technical services for ISVs.

With capacity of 2000 hours per month we provide effective development for all of our clients.

We guarantee:

  • Always work on time and take care of all deadlines
  • No risks for budget as we always work in a fixed price
  • Care of any specific requirements
  • Only experienced professionals work with projects
  • Our constant clients are most valuable and have preference along others
  • Always suggest balanced and verified solution.
  • Test any solution before delivery
  • Cost is lower than internal development on Partner's side.
  • Concentration on thin area of NAV development and upgrades gives us deep specific knowledge which we use to reduce risk to zero in our projects.

SWP-Group performs different types of projects or separate tasks in MS Dynamics Navision which ISVs outsource to us:

  • complete version upgrades, producing datamigration procedures, launch Go-Live process, Object ( form,dataport and report) transformation to latest Nav 2018.
  • development of new features, customizations, support development, addon integration
  • development analysis which includes creation of documentation with deep exploration of customer's database

Our customers are proud to work with us since we produce very cost-effective services.



Number of active Partners — 22

Completed NAV upgrades. Total at the moment (end of 2017) — 208

Support (Number of processed issues during 2017) — 2800

Number of transformed reports to the latest version (August 2018) — > 21000


Completed NAV upgrades during 2013 — 14

Completed NAV upgrades during 2014 — 17

Completed NAV upgrades during 2015 — 15

Completed NAV upgrades during 2016 — 25

Completed NAV upgrades during 2017 — 34

Latest Projects:

  • Combine Avalara and EQM addon together
  • Added 3rd Global dimension
  • Transfer some addons to Extensions
  • Redesign reports in order to work with complex Excel formatting. (As known, standard reports do not support different excel formatting like merging cells, adding comments, colors etc.)
  • Chinese, Japanese, Lithuanian, Ukrainian database localizations

Save time on report transformation. Classic to RDLC style.